QFC Adds More Kosher Selections at Three Locations


Last week, the Va’ad sent out this notice:

Last week we shared the news of the agreement reached between the Vaad and QFC stores to significantly expand their offerings of kosher foods and services. Much has already been implemented and I would like to update you as to what to expect in the coming weeks.

The kosher meat section at the North Mercer Island QFC has been doubled with increased selection and variety.

Kosher pareve Pas Yisrael breads are being baked and are available for purchase at the North Mercer Island store. It is expected that kosher pareve Pas Yisrael cookies and challah will be available for sale at this location no later than Tuesday July 7. QFC expects to begin baking cakes in 4-6 weeks. All items that will be baked in the kosher bakery at QFC North Mercer Island will be kosher pareve and Pas Yisrael. They will be placed in a special section and can be distinguished from other kosher dairy baked goods and other kosher pareve baked goods available for sale as follows. Items baked in the kosher bakery at this location will be in sealed packaging that will bear both the QFC Bakery label and the Seattle Vaad kosher pareve symbol. A Vaad letter of certification will be posted on this special section.

The kosher deli at this location is already offering many items for purchase with selection to be expanded within 1-2 weeks. As of Friday July 10, the deli will be able to fill bulk orders for pickup for synagogues or individuals. An order form is available at the store or call the deli to place orders.

Chalav Yisrael milk, yogurt and cheese are available for purchase at the North Mercer Island location. Many new selections have been added to the kosher wine section.

The QFC store at 2707 Rainier (near Seward Park) has created a kosher frozen foods section with products available now for purchase. The kosher baked goods section and kosher wine selection will be expanded and enhanced. These changes will occur within the coming 1-2 weeks.

We are in discussions with QFC concerning possible additional new kosher selections and options in the North Mercer Island store, the University Village store and the Rainier Ave. store in the coming weeks. Look for updates in the near future.

My take: Yay! Kosher bakery options are back!

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